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Thyroid Ultrasound for Thyroid Cancer
Sunday, 22 February 2009 11:13

A thyroid ultrasound is a very common painless procedure allows a doctor to visualize the thyroid structures.  This procedure typically takes about 15 minutes and only requires the patient to position themselves in a rested position.  A thyroid ultrasound uses high frequency sound to image internal body structures.  A thyroid ultrasound will allow a doctor to visualize the thyroid and determine any physical abnormalities.  The most common thyroid abnormality discovered on a ultrasound would be a thyroid nodule. 

During an ultrasound the doctor or technician will apply ultrasound gel to the area being analyzed.  The gel provides a medium which will create a better image.  This gel is nontoxic and can easily be cleaned off after the procedure. 

The doctor or clinician will analyze both sides of the thyroid as well as the isthmus.  If there are any abnormalities they will measure the lesions.    The final report will be read by a radiologist or endocrinologist. 

This is ultrasound of a thyroid nodule.   It is about 2.0 cm by 1.5 cm.  This actually turned out to be multifocal papillary carcinoma.  Here is my story.

thyroid nodule ultrasound label

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