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Entry # 7 - Bloodwork Results: Can You Say All Normal
My Story - The Beginning
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 17:00

The endocrinologist and my internal medicine doctor ordered blood work that monitored the function of my thyroid.  All the blood work was normal and my thyroid function was normal....

Blood work results were all normal.


green checkTSH Sesitivity             0.80 uIU/ml     (normal 0.2-3.3)

green checkFT4                         1.16 ng/dL      (normal 0.7-1.3)

green checkCEA                         <0.5 NG/ML   (normal 0.0-2.5)

green checkCalcitonin                 7 pg/ml           (normal <10)

green checkThyroglobul AB          <20 IU/ml        (normal<20)

green checkThyroid Pero AB        14.0 IU/ml       (normal<35)


So this is where we stand now with regards to my condition:


1. I am a 32 year old healthy male

2. All my blood work and thyroid function is normal

3. I have no symptoms of thyroid problems

4. Left thyroid nodule

5. The nodule is very vascular



This is all we know about my situation.  No conclusive evidence for thyroid carcinoma.  So now I am filling up my gas tank…gas cost $4 a gallon!! And I am off to Georgia for a fresh start.


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