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Entry # 6 - Reflection of My First General Surgeon and Endocrinologist
My Story - The Beginning
Sunday, 02 November 2008 17:00

What did I learn from this fiasco with my first general surgeon and endocrinologist?  Well, it is sad to say but you CAN NOT blindly trust your doctors.  Secondly, it is OK and recommended to get a second opinion if you are uncomfortable with your doctors.... 


If it wasn’t for my personal online research and learning about my condition and treatment options my entire thyroid cancer experience would have been much different.  It also took persistence getting the correct out-of-network referrals but it was worth it. Ultimately, my experience turned out excellent once I found the right doctors at the right hospital, Medical College of Georgia (MCG deserves this free advertising.)  However, it could have had much different outcome if I would have stayed with my initial doctors. 

Having cancer is hard enough, but dealing with doctors that are not practicing medicine within the standard of care could push one over the edge.  It is hard to question doctors but my family and friends provided lots of support.  Though very uncomfortable at times, in the end it was the correct thing to do.


This initial experience is what prompted me to develop this website.  I was so frustrated with the medical system I wanted others to know what I had to go through. I’m sure there are many other people, maybe you, that have had similar experiences.  I would never want someone to have to go through what I went through.  It was an emotional rollercoaster.


My intentions on this website are to offer current up-to-date information so if someone has to go through thyroid cancer they know what to expect.  This will help them anticipate what is going to happen and to know what procedures might be done.  If one is educated about their condition and the procedures that can and should be done, I can only hope this will help one find red flags with poor doctors.  No one should have to go through what I went through.  Remember, YOU ARE THE BEST ADVOCATE FOR YOUR HEALTH!





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