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Entry # 2 - Discovery of Thyroid Nodule: What’s That?
My Story - The Beginning
Tuesday, 16 September 2008 17:00

I would have never thought a routine MRI of my cervical spine would come back with a diagnosis of a thyroid nodule, but it did. My internal medicine doctor initially ordered a MRI of my cervical neck for some discomfort and pain in my upper neck and back.  This neck pain was caused by a compressed disc in my spin between C5-C6 vertebrae.  It had nothing to do with my thyroid gland located on the front of my neck.  


However, the MRI fortunately gives an image of the neck from the front to back going directly through the thyroid.  Thus, the discovery of the thyroid nodule.  The radiologist diagnosed a medium sized left thyroid nodule from the MRI.  At this time the radiologist recommended an ultrasound of my thyroid to further investigate the thyroid nodule.



My internal medicine doctor initially told me about the nodule very casually and did not seem concerned.  She added that most nodules are benign and just need to be monitored.  I really didn’t think much of the nodule.  I am a 32 year old healthy male and cancer was the last thing on my mind.  She informed me that the chance of the nodule being cancer was extremely low, about 5% chance.  Being young, healthy, and never really having any medical problems, this just seemed like another one of those things that the doctor “just wants to make sure” was okay.  


So I scheduled an ultrasound of my neck and was off to my daily life.  Life was good...just trekking along, my awesome wife and I.



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