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Prognosis of Thyroid Cancer
Sunday, 01 March 2009 16:26


What is the prognosis (outcome and life expectancy) for thyroid cancer?


This depends mostly on the type and stage of cancer one is diagnosed with. 


The overall prognosis for papillary and follicular carcinoma is very good.  In the majority cases a normal life expectancy is expected. 


Papillary Thyroid Cancer Survivor Calculator


Medullary carcinoma is more difficult to treat and is more aggressive then papillary and follicular carcinoma.  The ten year survivor rate is still high though.


Anaplastic is a very aggressive thyroid carcinoma and has a poor prognosis.  Typically, once diagnosis the survivor rate is less than 2 years.


Refer to  SURVIVOR   RATES   for detailed statistics.

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