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Entry # 15 Minimally Invasive thyroidectomy Completion: Back for Surgery Number Two
My Story - My Thyroid Surgery
Sunday, 11 January 2009 17:00

So my wife and I were off to Georgia for my second thyroid surgery.  This surgery was basically completing my first surgery.  The surgeon was going to go through the same neck incision and take out the remaining thyroid....


So the hospital procedure was pretty much the same as the first surgery.  I checked into the hospital, the nurses got me ready, they rolled me into the pre-OR room, then they move me into the OR, did the surgery (about 2 hours), OR recovery room and finally back to my private room with my wife. 


The only difference this time was that the surgery was performed in the afternoon.  After the surgery my neck felt more tender and was more swollen.  I was given similar pain medication and was given thyroid supplement medication.  Now that I had no thyroid remaining in my body I needed supplemental thyroid hormone. 


I went home and was out of it.  I took the pain medication as directed.  The next day I stopped all pain medications.  The Percocet made me feel too weird.  I preferred straight Tylenol which worked fine. 


The next couple days I really didn’t do anything.  I was mildly tender in the neck.  I intended to take it easy for at least a week.  After about 3-4 days after the second surgery I was feeling really good.  I started moving around and becoming more active.  I tend to be an active person so lying on the couch for days sort of drives me crazy.


complete thyroidectomy surgery two


Surgery # 2
Minimally Invasive Thyroidectomy Completion
6 Hours After Surgery


The incision in my neck was again glued closed with surgical glue and tape.  So there were no external sutures or staples to be removed.  This helped increase the healing process and decrease scarring.  After the second surgery there was noticeably more swelling and neck bruising.  My neck was also much more tender and sore.  I had mild pain.  Again, I was very impressed with this procedure and the results.   

After about 2 weeks the tape and glue came off.  There was a little bleeding over the area from a little scab.  I was to follow up with the surgeon and endocrinologist three weeks after my surgery. Now it was time to relax and veg so my neck could heal.



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