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Entry # 14 Results from the Hemithyroidectomy: The Dreaded Phone Call
My Story - My Thyroid Surgery
Wednesday, 07 January 2009 17:00

As I laid on our couch going in and out of sleep my phone rang.  It was a number from Georgia…I knew it was my surgeon with the results from my biopsy.  My heart race as I reach for the phone.  My surgeon went straight to the point “the pathology report shows stage one papillary carcinoma.”  My heart just fell out of my chest.  Yet again, I was speechless. I was now living my nightmare.  I asked myself, how could I possibly have thyroid cancer?  But I did have thyroid cancer.... 


The surgeon said I have two options.  First, he could fit me into tomorrow afternoon for a thyroid surgery completion or he could wait for the next scheduled opening in two weeks.  At this point I just wanted to get the surgeries over with….I responded “let’s do it tomorrow.”  He thought that was a good plan.


I went back to my resting position on the couch and didn’t really know what to think.  Shortly after the phone call my wife came home from work.  I told her the bad news and I think she took it pretty hard.  I never really had the attitude of “pitty me.”  For me, this was just something that happened and I had to deal with it the best way possible.  Basically, I had to trust the doctors and get this taken care of the best way possible to ensure a normal life.



It was a very hard night for us.  My wife had to take another day off of work and we were back on our way to Georgia for surgery number two…completely removing my thyroid.  I was still out of it from my first surgery and now I’m heading in for another one. 


As I look back on that week, I realized that this week was one of the most stressful weeks of my life. So much happened in such a short period of time, it actually took another week or two in order for me to realize what happened.  Maybe it was all of the anesthesia.  It also took awhile for me to come to terms with my papillary thyroid cancer. I guess I was in the denial phase.  From the beginning I was so confident that I did not have cancer and to finally realize that…yes I have cancer and yes I need to fight it…was a big step.







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