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Entry # 20 Radioactive Iodine-131 Treatment Week: I am Going to Glow at Night
My Story - My Radiation Treatment
Thursday, 12 March 2009 17:00

I arrived to the hospital admissions around 7:30 am.  I was admitted into the hospital and shown to my “special” room for my radiation treatment.  The radiologist and resident came in and discussed my treatment and possible side effects.   Shortly after this talk two hospital radiation officers came in and “wrapped the room.”  They basically covered everything with paper and/or plastic.  Apparently this makes it easier to clean the room once the treatment is over.  I had to change into hospital clothes and just wait for the radioactive pill. 


At around 11:00 am the radiologist returned with a metal case.  I was treated with 100.3 mCI of  iodine-131.  The radiologist opened the case and inside the case was a lead egg shape case.   He opened the egg shape case and there was a vial with one purple pill.  He used forceps and transferred the pill into a small cup.  He told me to pick up the cup and take the pill with lots of water.  He evacuated the room rather fast after I took the pill. I guess he didn’t want to get radiated.  I guess I would do the same if I didn’t have cancer to treat.


After waiting about 5 minutes, the radiation officer approached the door and used a special device, geiger counter, to measure my radiation levels.  My radiation levels were 25.  The radiation officer informed me that I can go home once my radiation levels reach 5.  They advised me to take lots of showers and drink plenty of water to help reduce the body’s radiation levels as fast as possible.


So after that I pretty much sat around in the hospital room.  I brought some magazines, sudoku puzzles and the newspaper.  I also brought some sour candies and lemon drops.  The radiologist instructed me to start eating the sour candy and lemon drops 24 hours after I’ve taken the radioactive iodine tablet. 


The room had a bed, TV and a telephone.  I’m glad the phone was provided.  It helped the time go by quickly.  I just called everyone I knew and told them how I was “glowing in the dark.”  It was rather entertaining. 



(This is a video of what I hope happens to all the cancer cells in my body!!)


Yes, the nurses did bring me food.  They set the food just outside my door and I had to get it.  The food was the typical nasty hospital food.  I was still on the iodine diet so that even made it worse.  



After about 5 hours I was already bored of being in my room.  I am a very active person and to be locked up in a room with little to do is torture for me.  My goal was to get out of the hospital as soon as possible.  So I took 4 showers that day and drank almost 2 gallons of water.   I also brought Gatorade to help with my electrolytes.  At this point I was sure going to the restroom a lot!  I think I overdid it a little….I had to pee all night!


On day two at 10 am the radiation officer rechecked my radiation levels and my levels were just under 5.  This was exciting! I was able to go home.  I was glad….I wasn’t too fond of staying in the hospital for another day.


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