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Entry # 19 Thyrogen Injections to Elevated TSH Levels
My Story - My Radiation Treatment
Sunday, 08 March 2009 17:00

The two days prior to the radioactive iodine treatment I was injected with Recombinant TSH, Thyrogen.  These injections increased my body’s TSH levels.  Because of this I did not have to discontinue my thyroxin hormone pills. I preferred this method because I didn’t have to go through a state of hypothyroidism prior to my radiation treatment.... 



There have been multiple studies comparing the results of using recombinant TSH (thyrogen injections) vs. discontinuing thyroid medication.  They are both effective at elevating ones TSH levels, however, discontinuing thyroid medication has shown to be slightly more effective at killing thyroid cells.  In any case both methods are accepted by endocrinologist.


After I had two Thyrogen injections my TSH levels reached 84.37 mcIU.  I believe the goal is for one TSH levels to be over 30 mcIU.




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