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Entry # 18 Low Iodine diet continued: It's annoying now
My Story - My Radiation Treatment
Thursday, 19 February 2009 17:00



After about a week on the low iodine diet I got annoyed.  At work everyone would go out to lunch……I had to eat my own food.  On the weekends my wife and I visited some friends and of course we went out to dinner…..I could not eat anything.  Though, I did sip a beer.... 


I am a person who enjoys going out to eat for lunch and dinner.  The hardest part about the low iodine diet was that I couldn’t eat at restaurants.  Well, at least it was for only two weeks. 



I also have a high metabolism…well at least before my thyroid was removed.  So my body needs a lot of calories just to maintain a healthy weight.  The low iodine diet isn’t for someone who likes to eat.  If you want to lose a couple pounds this is the time to do it! 


six weeks after surgery


Minimally Invasive Complete Thyroidectomy
6 Weeks After Surgery


My scar is healing nicely.  I'm using sun block and lotion (Vitamin B) to help with the healing.  I'm also taking a multivitamin with anti-oxidants and lots of vitamin C.


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