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Entry #23 Result of the Whole Body Scan: A New Beginning
My Story - My Radiation Treatment
Tuesday, 31 March 2009 17:00

So a week later I’m off to MCG again to find out my results from my whole body scan.  I was a little nervous.  A whole body scan will show if any of the cancer has metastasized to other locations in the body.  Typically, neck lymph nodes are a very common location for metastasis, followed by the lungs....


So my endocrinologist walks in and said “Good news, there was no evidence of metastasis.”  This was a huge relief for me (and my wife.)  I was so happy.  Finally, the good news rolls in.  At this point the endocrinologist said he didn’t need to see me for 6 months when the will repeat a neck ultrasound and lab work.  I was to follow up with a local endocrinologist for thyroid hormone monitoring and adjusting. 



Nuclear Medicine Report:




There is intense uptake in the thyroid bed.  No definite additional focal areas of uptake are identified throughout the body.  Physiologic uptake is seen in the paranasal region, bladder from renal excretion, and liver from processing thyroid hormone




Intense uptake in the thyroid bed only with no functioning metastasis identified.


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