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Low Iodine Diet Grocery List
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Low Iodine Diet Grocery Food List



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Introducing the newly developed Low Iodine Diet Grocery List!    


This grocery list is intended to be supplementary information for one's low iodine diet prior to radioactive iodine therapy and/or thyroid testing.   This list contains products that are low in iodine according to the National Institutes of Health. 


During the last three times I have had to do the low iodine diet I found myself at the store flipping through pages of multiple guides to find the food I wanted to eat.  This inspired me to develop this short easy to use grocery list.  There are 4 main pages:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks.    This will help  you organize your meal options.  I hope you find the guide helpful and useful.   


I have spent many months researching and taking pictures to create this guide.  And yes, every picture I personally took myself.   Within the last few years I have found a love for photography.  This is probably because I take so many pictures of my beautiful baby girls.   Yes,  I'm that "dad" who is always taking pictures of the family.    


So after many trips to the grocery store and months of photo editing I am finally publishing online the first edition of the Low Iodine Grocery List for your enjoyment.   


I have also included below the "National Institutes of Health Low Iodine Diet Food List" and the "National Institutes of Health Low Iodine Diet: Preparing to Receive Radioactive Iodine."    


Remember, you must always follow the medical advice and instruction from your medical doctor with regards to your personal low iodine dietary needs.   In my research I found there is no "standardize" low iodine diet.   There are different recommendations from different sources.   So when in doubt ask your doctor and use the diet your doctor recommends.  This is only a supplemental educational guide.  Let me know what you think!   


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This is only a supplemental educational guide. If you download this document you are agreeing to terms and conditions policy on this website. 

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    Low Iodine Diet Grocery List 2013  

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                                   National Institues of Health   
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                NIH Low Iodine Diet: Preparing   adobe pdf image3     arrows






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