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Entry # 34 Year Three Appointment After Thyroid Cancer Treatment
My Story - Life After Cancer
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 00:00

My 3 year checkup is here.  My multifocal papillary thyroid cancer was treated surgically and with radioactive iodine-131 in 2009.  I always get a little anxious after the lab work returns.  Actually, I think my wife gets more anxious then I do.  I guess she wants to keep me around for awhile :) 


I am currently taking 137 mcg of Synthroid daily.  My energy levels are good.  My weight has not changed since the initial surgery in 2009. I have no symptoms of either hyper or hypothyroidism.   So overall, I am doing well.


Here is most current lab work results:


TSH   0.02 uIU/ml      (normal 0.2-3.3)  
FT 4      1.42 ng/dL       (normal 0.7-1.3)
Thyroglobulin (Tg)        0.3  ng/mL


The endocrinologist was very kind and supportive.  She was a fellow in her last year of fellowship training.   The first thing she said to me was:







This was reassuring.  She found no reason to be worried of recurrences at this point.  The endocrinologist was very please with such a low thyroglobulin (Tg) level.  She stated that with a thyroglobulin (Tg) level that low there is little chance of any recurrence.   This was music to my ears.


She also stated I will not have to do a full body scan or stimulated thyroglobulin test for a few years.    She recommended that I can be monitored yearly with a regular thyroglobulin test.   That's a simple blood test that can be done anywhere.


Secondly, she said I need to decrease my Synthroid levels.  The endocrinologist was concerned that I was too hyper.  So my new dose has been decrease to 125 mcg daily.  So lets see where this dose takes me.  I will have to get my TSH and FT4 retest in a few months.



Life is good!





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