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Entry # 32 Year Two Appointment After Thyroid Cancer Treatment
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Thursday, 15 September 2011 00:00

Here we are for year two testing after thyroid cancer treatment.  I was sort of dreading this year's testing because last year's testing was such a hassle.  I have been told by many doctors that papillary thyroid cancer is very curable but it is a hassle doing the yearly testing.  I agree. 


 Well, the doctor was right, this year testing was much easier.   All I had to do was get some blood work and a neck ultrasound.  I did all of this in one appointment.


I am still currently taking 137 mcg of Synthroid daily with no problems.  I'm feeling fine.


Here were the results:


TSH    0.2 uIU/ml     (normal 0.2-3.3)   
FT 4   1.39 ng/dL   (normal 0.7-1.3)
Thyroglobulin (Tg)        0.2  ng/mL





The neck ultrasound took about 10 minutes.  The technician called in the doctor at one point because she thought she saw a growth.... false alarm...  it was a lymph node.  Well, the neck ultrasound was negative and the blood work was negative so all is good. 


The doctor said my thyroglobulin levels were very low indicating no new cancer growths.  No changes in thyroid medications either.   I'm still on thyroid suppression therapy so the goal is to have a very low TSH.



Looks like I'm CANCER FREE.


I snapped this picture of an eagle at a bird show.  My daughter loved the birds!


See you next year!



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