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Entry # 30 TSH Levels are in the Zone
My Story - Life After Cancer
Friday, 31 July 2009 17:00

Off to my general doctor.  It's been awhile, about 3 months, since my last visit with any doctors.  My thyroid function labs were taken and my TSH is now 0.1 uIU/ml.  So now I'm running a little bit hyper. 


My endocrinologist's goal for my TSH levels is between 0.1 to 0.4 uIU/ml in order to provide good thyroid cell suppression.  So I'm right on.   I do feel some of the hyper symptoms like being shaky, mild anxiety, hot feeling, and sometimes it's difficult to sleep at night but it's only occasionally.  I will be seeing my endocrinologist in two months for an ultrasound and lab tests to monitor thyroglobulin levels.  I will talk with him about these symptoms and see if moving from 137 mcg to 125 mcg would be a good idea.


I get a lot emails regarding the different types of thyroid hormone medications available.  So I wrote an article that outlines the various medications.  This overview of thyroid medications is useful to get a general idea of the different types of thyroid hormone supplements.  I hope it helps.


The summer is coming to an end and fall hurricane season is starting.  I decided to do a little last bit of traveling.  I hit up a zoo while I had some extra time and I just loved the aquarium exhibit.   The sea turtles were amazing!  Thought I would take a picture to share with everyone. 






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