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Entry #29 A Trip to Arizona
My Story - Life After Cancer
Thursday, 09 July 2009 17:00

Summer traveling time is here!  Who says having no thyroid will slow you down!?!  I just took a trip to Arizona and had a blast.  My wife and I spent a couple days up in the remote mountains by Flagstaff.  We went on numerous hikes and four wheeling adventures into the far backcountry.   Some beautiful views I must say. 


Being a very active individual, I initially thought I would have slowed down from the lack of a thyroid but nope, my meds must be correct now.  I kept rolling the entire time.  My life as a 32 year old will continue to proceed.   I’m sure more challenges will come up in the years to come. 




If you haven’t visited Arizona you are missing some of the most beautiful desert views ever.  One thing to consider is visiting in the fall, winter or spring.  It’s a little toasty in the summer, got up to 110 degrees at one point.  The mountains were much cooler, around 80.   Overall, an excellent experience.


I think I have finally figured out my new healthcare insurance program and I’m scheduled to see my doctor soon.  I eagerly anticipate knowing my TSH levels.  It’s been almost three months since my last lab test and change in thyroid medication.  The goal of my thyroid hormone treatment is to be slightly hyperthyroid to help suppress any remaining thyroid cells.  It’ll be nice to know where I stand now. We’ll see soon.



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