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Entry # 28 A Switch in Health Insurance
My Story - Life After Cancer
Tuesday, 30 June 2009 17:00

It’s the beginning of July and no doctor appointment yet.  I have had a change of health insurance and I am still figuring out the new system.  Now that I have a “pre-existing condition” I am curious how this may affect my health coverage.  I didn’t have any laps of insurance so hopefully I am fully covered.  Because I have had thyroid cancer I’m sure this will always come up with insurances.... 


Sometimes I think health insurance companies don’t realize that papillary thyroid cancer responds well to treatment and has a high cure rate.  I just have to monitor it yearly for reoccurrences.  It does have a 15-30% chance of reoccurring in the next 10 years.  Maybe that’s what freaks out health insurance companies. 


I just finished watching the town hall meeting with President Obama about health reform.  When he was talking about pre-existing conditions and health insurance companies denying coverage it really hit home for me.   I wonder how this health care reform will play out.



I’ve been on my new dose of thyroid medication (137 micrograms) for about two months now.  My energy level has improved significantly.  I now know that when I become hypothyroid my system just shuts down.  I become so lethargic that I can’t even make it through half the day.  Being hypothyroid was miserable and my heart goes out to anyone that can’t get out of the hypothyroid state. 


I’ve also recently enhance my system of taking my thyroid medications.  I am using a week pill container that I bought at Walmart.  This makes it very easy to take my medications in the early morning hours.  My goal is to take my medication an hour or so before I get up in the morning.  If I do this I can just get up, eat breakfast and go!  So I put my week pill container with a bottle of water on my nightstand. This has been working great.  I definitely recommend using this method.  You will never forget to take your pills again.


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