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Entry # 27 Trying to Move on With Life
My Story - Life After Cancer
Wednesday, 10 June 2009 17:00

Well, three weeks after starting my new dose of thyroid meds (137 micrograms) I am feeling significantly better.  My afternoon nap isn’t required to make it through the day now.  I’m actually able to make it through the entire day with energy to spare.  I’m schedule to meet with my endocrinologist at the end of the month for blood work.  I’m very curious to see where my TSH levels are now with this new dose of thyriod medication….


Well, my life has really shifted from fighting cancer to trying to find a new job (fighting the economy.)  It’s now about 6 months after my initial diagnosis and I really think I’ve come to terms with my condition and possible outcomes.  I’m trying to live a more fulfilling life now.  Thus, I’m looking for a new job that matches my interest.  I guess I think a new start on life is in need.  Maybe this was a wakeup call.  Even though I’m young and “indestructible,” life is fragile and can be shorten at any moment.  It would be nice to “make a difference” and contribute to the “good” in this world.  Maybe these altruistic motives can land a fulfilling job.  We’ll see.


I’ve taken up gardening in the last 3-4 months.  I have always had a green thumb but this spring I decided to grow a flower and vegetable garden.  This pastime has help reduce my stress.  Very relaxing. Taking up a new hobby has definitely helped focus my attention elsewhere.  It helps me clear my mind.





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