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Entry #26 Thyroid Surgery Neck Scar from Beginning to the End
My Story - Life After Cancer
Monday, 08 June 2009 17:00

I decided to gather all of my neck scar pictures and put them in one place so one can see how my neck scar from thyroid surgery healed over time.  This is a very interesting collage of pictures....



I had minimally invasive thyroid surgery for mulifocal papillary thyroid cancer in Jan 2009.  I initially had a left hemithyroidectomy surger.  Once the cancer was diagnosed two days later I had a completion thyroidectomy surgery to remove the right side of the thyroid and the thyroid isthmus.  Below are my neck pictures following my thyroid surgeries.


Remember there are two types of thyroid surgery, classical thyroidectomy and minimally invasive thyroidectomy.  I had the minimally invasive thyroidectomy which has a one inch incision.  The classical thyroid surgery incision is typically 2-4 inches.  The most common thyroid surgery is the classical thyroidectomy.  However, the minimally invasive technique is quickly spreading.  Your surgeon should describe the technique he is using for your thyroid surgery.  If not, just ask! 


I know my chest hair is awesome looking, so yes you can laught at it!





neck before surgery



My neck before surgery





hemi thyroidectomy surgery one1




Surgery #1 Minimally Invasive Left Hemi-Thyroidectomy Surgery






complete thyroidectomy surgery two




Surgery #2  Minimally Invasive Thyroidectomy Completion Surgery





three weeks after surgery



Three weeks after surgery





six weeks after surgery



Six weeks after surgery




3 months after surgery



Three months after surgery





thyroid cancer calculator

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