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Entry #24 A Long Journey To Success
My Story - Life After Cancer
Tuesday, 14 April 2009 17:00

Here is a list of all the doctor appointments I had from the beginning to the end….the end being when the cancer was “cured.” ...


MRI scan of neck

Ultrasound of thyroid

First General Surgeon

First Endocrinologist

Primary care doctor for second opinion referral

Second Endocrinologist initial visit

Endocrinologist Fine Needle Aspiration

Endocrinologist Fine Needle Aspiration Results

Primary care doctor of authorization for more visits to Endocrinologist

Otolaryngologist initial visit

Otolaryngologist pre-operative appointment

Anesthesiologist pre-operative appointment

Otolaryngologist first surgery

Otolaryngologist second surgery

Otolaryngologist follow-up visit

Endocrinologist follow-up visit

Primary care doctor for refills of medications

Radiologist admitted to hospital for radiation treatment

Whole Body Scan

Endocrinologist results of whole body scan


3 months after surgery 





It has been a long journey to get where I'm at right now and these last 4 months have been crazy.  Thing will start to slow down now for me and I can begin to rebuild my life a changed person.  I had a total of twenty appointments, one biopsy, four diagnostic scans, two surgeries, one dose of radiation, many sleepless nights and a lot of prayer…..and now my cancer is gone!! I am still a healthy 32 year old male whom is now a thyroid cancer survivor. What is your story?  Please click here and join my community forum.



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