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Entry # 1 - A Little Bit About Me
My Story - The Beginning
Monday, 11 August 2008 17:00

Welcome!  I’m a 32 year old male living in United States diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in Jan 2009.  This blog is my story. Having thyroid cancer has been very scary and challenging in many aspects.  I have gone through many ups and downs with my treatments and doctor experiences.  I have had some very positive experiences, but unfortunately the start was very rough.   Overall, I am doing excellent and I’m living a normal happy life.  I hope you can learn from my experiences.


There are around 35,000 new cases of thyroid cancers diagnosed yearly.  I found it very beneficially and comforting to know what others have done and gone through for treatment.  I’m the type of person who doesn’t like surprises.  Please read my story and share it with anyone you feel would benefit from reading about my cancer challenges.  This blog will continue to be updated with my progress of treatment, tests, and outcomes.  I may also adding up-to-date news and studies that I’ve read as well as anything else I feel would be helpful. 



You, your friend, or family member does not have to go through thyroid cancer alone.  


dog and chicken


My dog is full of joy!!  She was great support :)  She makes me laugh!





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