My Story by Maria

My Story by Maria

Postby Maria4str8 » Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:14 pm

Let me first say, Thank you for having this blog and site. I found out I had thyroid cancer this past Friday (6/12/09). My journey though starts on December 26, 2008. I was sick and had my daughter take me to the base ER because I was having trouble breathing. I must say they worked me over while I was there. I had chest x-rays, EKG’s, I V’s with 2 different types of antibiotics, 2 breathing treatments and still my breathing was shallow. They decided to run some kind of scan to see if there were any obstructions with my breathing. There were none so I got my meds and finally after 8hrs went home. I was finally feeling better.
That following Monday I got a call from the family practice nurse saying that I needed to make a follow up appointment. I was checked every wk for 3wks to make sure my asthmas was fine. ( I have bronchitis and asthma problems every time the season changes). On one of these visits my Dr told me about the nodules they found on my thyroid. She told me I would need to talk to a surgeon and they would set up the appt for me. Truthfully I don’t remember all she said I just went home and waited for the appt. The Doctor I was to saw was transferring in a few wks so he did not want to handle my case since he couldn’t see it through. This Doctor referred me to another Doctor and set up my new appt. The first Doctor did tell me more info about what was going on and what might happen. He was the one who said I most likely would need a complete thyroid removal. Truthfully I just took all this in stride. I then went for an ultrasound. When they looked over the results of that they said the nodules on my left side still looked suspicious, so they recommended I have the surgery. When I saw the surgeon that was going to do the surgery he said I could have a partial removal and if they found cancer I would have to come back and have the other side removed. I told him I came in thinking I was having it all removed so that was the way I wanted to go.

So I had my surgery set for June 1, 2009. I had more blood work, chest x-rays, another EKG and a pregnancy test. (Everyone got a big kick out of that since I am 57). The surgery was a breeze. I did get sick when I woke up (2x) but with in 18hrs I was feeling great. I had no pain at all. 11 days later I was told that the left side nodules didn’t show any cancer, but on the right side a tiny nodule proved to be cancerous. So as of today and I have seen the Endoconologyst and I start my fun diet on the 13th of July. My main complaint at the moment is that there is no detailed list for what you can and can’t eat. Oh did I mention that I am also a type 2 diabetic. So this diet will be loads of fun. I also wish there were detailed instructions for what to do when you get home. Do I have to wrap my room, can I watch movies and touch the DVD player. I hate not knowing what to expect. Well since I still have a week before I start my diet and I don’t know yet when my procedure will be I will end this for know. Have a great 4th of July week end.
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Re: My Story by Maria

Postby Edward » Sat Jul 04, 2009 4:59 pm

Hello Maria,

You need the low iodine cookbook that was developed by It listed everything you can and can not eat. I strictly followed this. Here is a link to it:

(this is a .pdf file that takes a while to download so give it a few minutes)

If this doesn’t work you can go to an online version:

As for the radiation. You may or may not be admitted to the hospital. It depends on your state and hospital regulations if this happens. I was admitted to the hospital for a couple days and yes the hospital room was wrapped with plastic. This is to protect the hospital staff that has to clean the room.

The hospital where you get the radiation pill will give you discharge instructions of what you can or can not do. Here is a general overview taken from this website.

1. Remain 6 feet away from all pregnant women or children under 18
2. Remain 3 feet away from everyone else
3. Avoid month-to-mouth kissing and no sex
4. DO NOT share eating utensils with others
5. DO NOT prepare food for others
6. Drink plenty of fluids
7. Men should sit while urinating in the toilet to prevent splashes
8. Flush the toilet twice after each use
9. Wash hands thoroughly after urination
10. DO NOT breast feed for at least two months
11. Wash clothing separately

I hope this helps. I know what you are going through is scary and all this stuff is frustrating but you’ll be done with it before you know it. The surgery was the hard part for me and you are already done with that. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks.

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