My story -- post thyroidectomy

My story -- post thyroidectomy

Postby dazedNConfused » Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:50 am

My story is similar to the others. I've had thyroid problems for at least 20 years. All blood tests were normal. Then hormonal system went haywire. Heavy menses, hemorrighing, anemia that would not go away. Was working with a gyno to try to determine what was wrong for over 1 year. I was told all my tests were "normal". Started researching on my own via the internet and suspected a thyroid issue. Told the doctor I had a problem, he investigated, but said I was "fine". I got fed up and decided to see an endo. Turns out the "normal" test results weren't so normal -- insulin issues and abnormal thyroid tests.

By fluke, an ovarian cyst burst causing a CT/MRI. That MRI detected a nodule in my lung requiring a chest CT/MRI (the chest nodule was benign). The chest MRI detected a nodule on my thyroid! And the biopsy determined it was Pappillary Thyroid cancer.

Post thyroidectomy, turns out the cancer was the aggressive form of pappillary, which had spread to the left laryngeal nerve. The surgeon was able the shave the cancerous tissue from the nerve and save my voice. I had a 1 cm nodule (pathology report refers to it as T3).

This whole process has been a lesson in listening to my body (and NOT my JUST my doctor!) and being persistent in finding the right medical people to address my health concerns. If I had trusted that gyno (instead of myself), my prognosis would not be as good. The cancer would've spread further and my ability to speak would've been severly impacted.

I am thankful I was able to survive this ordeal. That I found this blog (to explain the treatment process to me and let me know I'm not alone). And am anxious to finish the rest of my treatment for thyroid cancer so that I can live the rest of my life.
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Re: My story -- post thyroidectomy

Postby Cameron » Mon Mar 08, 2010 4:32 am

You are so right! Very inspiring story and I appreciate your insight. Thanks. :)
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