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My story is pretty much the same as others, in the begining..... I am 32 years old. Had a total thyroidectomy at the end of Aug. During the surgery to remove nodules, it was confirmed to be papillary, also removed lymph node while in there. Recovered great from surgery, looked a scary with the drain tube :D ! A few weeks later, TSH levels were in place and I took my radioactive iodine treatment, 200mg. Actually, still in isolation! I have three young children so, extra precautions were taken. But, now I find out that my body scan, which was done last week, revealed spots in my lungs and other lymph nodes. So, my treatment team is recommending I go through another theraputic dose os radiation in 6 months and hope for the best. I am wondering if anyone else has been through this and can offer any guidance. If so, was your treatment the same as my recommendation?
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