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My story

PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2009 6:12 pm
by staci
This may be a bit pre mature, but I felt the need to post my story. I am a 36 year old female.
Last March I walked into my doctor's office complaining of hypothyroid symptoms. He agreed that it seemed like the case so he gave me a full exam and ordered blood tests. A few weeks later I went into a follow up expecting to get meds for hypo. He told me that my levels were "perfect" and after reviewing all my records I was the healthiest patient he had seen this year. I had also at that time worked very hard to lose weight and had been exercising and gotten my cholesterol and weight both down to a very healthy and impressive number. I was so proud of myself and walked out of my doc's office the happiest I had been in a long time. A few months later I received a letter that my doctor would be leaving his practice where I lived and move to a few states away. I was so upset. He had been my family's doctor for years and we loved him and his staff. He sent me a list of doctors I could visit to see who I felt comfortable with. On the advice of others I chose a doctor and went to see him when I was "healthy" just to get myself established with his office.
During this visit he felt my thyroid and said he felt a lump. This is when my world started to spin out of control. He sent me immediately in for an ultra sound which relvealed the nodule to be almost 3 cm and solid. Bad news in thyroid world.However, my family had a trip to Disney World schedule the following week. He felt that this was nothing to worry about and advised me to go on the trip and come back in a few weeks for a dye test. Okay. That is what I did. After a wonderful vacation and trying not to worry about the nodule I got in for a thyroid scan. This revealed the nodule to be cold. Not good news. My doctor schedule a follow up appointment in which I was told by his staff that he was probably going to lay out my options. I figured I would be getting a FNB or be referred to an endocrinologist since that is what my doctor had indicated to me on an earlier date. Three weeks after my thryoid scan ( this is how my appointment was scheduled ) I arrived in his office for him to scold me on waiting so long for the appointment. I argued that he was the one who scheduled it. He then again told me that "no worries" that this was a condition that was not going to be life threatening. He kept changing his "diagnosis" and "prognosis" within matters of seconds. He seemed to not really know. He did keep saying all was fine, though.
I started to relax, but then red flags went up about this doctor. He began joking about how " even if it is a deadly cancer, there is not anything I can do for ya! I don't do this kind of stuff. oops." WHAT???? This was his idea of a joke. Not funny.
Then he scheduled my FNB for THREE weeks later. I asked if that was too long to wait and he said " if it's cancer, 3 weeks is not goint o affect your prognosis." Probably true, but not a very reassuring way to put it. I started to dislike him very much at that moment. He then goes on to say that "we have all the time in the world to treat this." Um, okay. He also said he had very little experience with thyroid. He also said that he had no idea what a specialist could do for me.
I went home in a daze and was very angry, scared and confused.
A few days later his office called to tell me that the only person in their office that did FNA was on vacation so it would be another few weeks for my biopsy, would that be okay with me? I said, no, can you refer me to someone else that does them? They said, well, we will call you back. They never did. : ( At this point I decided to take matters into my own hands. I found an endocrinologist on the internet that is in the next city over. I talked to her nurse personally on the phone and scheduled an appointment for next month. I also sent them my tests from the other doctor. I am nervous about what they will say. I strongly suspect I have thyroid cancer, but I feel very relieved that I am going to be in better hands. I have talked with a few other patiens of this new doctor and have heard very positive things. I am now kicking myself for not just going there sooner. Why didn't my general practioner refer me to a specialist in the first place?? I should have had the FNA weeks ago!
Anyway, I have basically been in a depression throughout the summer worrying myself silly over this. But after reading this blog I finally feel like I can take a deep breath and relax. I cannot really change my outcome. But I feel better knowing I am not along. I feel better after venting too. Thanks for reading.

Re: My story

PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 6:50 am
by Pleidies
Thanks for sharing. It is REALLY important that you trust your doctor! The guy you saw sounds like bad news - he's making you feel bad and has a terrible sense of humor. (In my opinion it's really bad form to have any sense of humor about a cancer diagnosis until your patient lets you know they're ok with jokes. Even then, I'm not sure it's a great idea.)

I'm glad you found someone you feel more comfortable with. Best of luck, and take some comfort in the fact that you should be able to take your time in exploring your options. This is generally not an emergency-type diagnosis. I know I felt awful and wanted something done, soon, but really - make sure you're comfortable with your endocrinologist and surgeon, if it comes to that.