RAI TREATMENT- questions

RAI TREATMENT- questions

Postby j9gl » Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:38 pm

Hi there...I have decided after 2 bouts of papillary cancer rounds (both did not spread and were small) to have the RAI treatment. I have 3 small children and 2 dogs that I know will not understand to stay away from me after treatment. My dr is very evasive with answers to my questions and said getting this was my choice...of course. He said that he def thinks I would be fine if not and the odds were in my favor for no spread. Being a mom I think what will it hurt to get it done other than having to stay away from my family-which is where my question comes in. My dr said as soon as everything gets approved he will give me the radiologists # to call and get all of my answers. From what I'm learning the hospital near me does not have an isolation room so I am left wondering what to do. My dr said he is going to prescribe 50 mcg and I should be able to be home in a day or two.
Can anyone please give me advice on this and what to do if I have no where to stay. I read I should have no physical contact with anyone for 8 days. How can I go home if my 2 & 4 yr old won't understand that?? Thanks...I am in NJ and if I have to drive somewhere to have a place to stay in an isolation room I would do that.

Thanks any advice anyone can give me...appreciate it!
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