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Causes of Thyroid Cancer
Saturday, 28 March 2009 11:15

What causes thyroid cancer?


Thyroid cancer can occur in any individual at any age spontaneously.  Most cases of thyroid carcinomas are sporadic and there is no historical reason for the development.  However, there are some factors that have been shown to increase one’s risk for thyroid cancer. 


These risk factors are:


1.  Previous neck radiation (for Hodgkin’s disease)

2.  Radiation treatment for acne

3.  Radiation treatment on the scalp

4.  People who received radiation treatment as a child

5.  Family history of thyroid cancer and/or goiter

6.  Papillary carcinoma has higher incidence in regions with high dietary iodine intake, pacific rim and Iceland1

7.  Follicular has higher incidence in iodine-deficient countries1



8.  Nuclear power plant accident (Chernobyl, Japan)

9.  Atomic radiation exposure

10.  Medical radiation (often used for other cancer treatments)


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