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What is a Stimulated Thyroglobulin Test?
Sunday, 20 January 2013 11:27

Stimulated thyroglobulin test is used to monitor thyroid cancer survivors after surgery and radioactive iodine-131 ablation treatment.   This test will help identify recurrences or metastasis of thyroid cancer.


During a stimulated thyroglobulin test one will stop taking their thyroid medication to help stimulated any remaining thyroid cells in the body.  One can also be stimulated by recombinant TSH injection (ThyrogenTM.)   The overall goal is to increase one's TSH levels.   Again, this is done by either or both stopping one's thyroid medication and/or recombinant TSH injections. 


When one's TSH  increases any remaining thyroid cells or thyroid cancer cells will work really hard to produced thyroid hormone.   When these cells work really hard they also produce more thyroglobulin.   This thyroglobulin can be measure with a simple blood test.   A stimulated thyroglobulin test can be more sensitive in detecting low amounts of thyroid or thyroid cancer cells. 

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