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Potassium Iodine Pills to Prevent Thyroid Cancer from Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown Radiation
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 20:20

The theory behind taking potassium iodine pills or iodine rich foods prior to being exposed to radiation poisoning is as follows. 


First, it is important to understand that the thyroid is the only organ in the body that uses iodine.  Good iodine is found naturally in various foods products, supplements, and is often added in salt. 


Radiation particles from a nuclear power plant contain high amounts of radioactive iodine I131.  This is bad iodine.  Radioactive iodine I131 is bad for one’s thyroid gland.   When one is exposed to radioactive iodine I131 the thyroid absorbs the radioactive iodine.  The thyroid tissue is then damaged by the radioactive iodine which can lead to the increase in probability of thyroid cancer in the future.  It is known that in the Russian Chernobyl nuclear power plant meltdown in 1986 that there was a significant increase in thyroid cancers among people exposed to the radiation in the years to follow. 


The theory is that if one takes potassium iodine supplements prior to exposure to radiation the body will be saturated with good iodine.  This will then block the bad radioactive iodine I131 out of the thyroid when exposed.  Thus, this will prevent the thyroid from absorbing the radioactive iodine and causing thyroid damage.   

It is important to remember that potassium iodine pills are only helping the thyroid gland from radiation not other organs or tissue damage in the body.   Radiation exposure has been linked to birth defects, leukemia and various other cancers.   Also, in order for potassium iodine pills to be beneficial one must take the pills as soon as possible, preferable before exposure to radiation.  Taking potassium iodine pills after exposure will have much less of a beneficial effect because the thyroid gland will have already absorbed the bad radioactive iodine I131.


Potassium iodine pills will not prevent one from getting radiation sickness because there are many other radioactive particles along with radioactive iodine I131 in a nuclear power plant meltdown.   Iodine pills will only help protect the thyroid gland, having its best effect when taken prior to exposure to radiation.  


Here is a good explanation from a Dr. Oz interview.  He really nails down the point here.


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