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What is a Stimulated Thyroglobulin Test?
Sunday, 20 January 2013 11:27

Stimulated thyroglobulin test is used to monitor thyroid cancer survivors after surgery and radioactive iodine-131 ablation treatment.   This test will help identify recurrences or metastasis of thyroid cancer.


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The Meaning of Thyroglobulin Levels for Thyroid Cancer Survivors
Sunday, 20 January 2013 11:23

Thyroglobulin, also known as "Tg", is a prohormone (protien) that is produced by thyroid cells or thyroid cancer cells and released into the blood.  Thyroglobulin can be measured with a simple blood test.  The detection of thyroglobulin is proof of the presence of thyroid cells.  This test is very useful when monitoring thyroid cancer patients after surgery and radioactive iodine-131 ablation treatment.  


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Thyroid Cancer Survivor Badge
Friday, 24 February 2012 19:51

Thyroid Cancer Survivor Badge


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Potassium Iodine Pills to Prevent Thyroid Cancer from Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown Radiation
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 20:20

The theory behind taking potassium iodine pills or iodine rich foods prior to being exposed to radiation poisoning is as follows. 


First, it is important to understand that the thyroid is the only organ in the body that uses iodine.  Good iodine is found naturally in various foods products, supplements, and is often added in salt. 

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Hot Thyroid Nodule vs Cold Thyroid Nodule
Sunday, 12 February 2012 11:32

It is common for doctors to order a radioisotope scan of your thyroid. Taking a very small oral dose of radioactive I123 or I131 can help doctors analyze the function of the thyroid and thyroid nodule tissue. Knowing that most thyroid nodules are benign (non-cancerous) it is unnecessary to do surgery on all nodules. Imaging the thyroid with a radioactive isotope I123 or I131 can show if a nodules is functioning as normal thyroid tissue or abnormal thyroid tissue (possibly cancer.) as compared with the surrounding tissue. Hyper-functioning (usually normal) thyroid tissue produces a “hot” scan. Hot scans are usually not cancerous. Abnormal or nonfunctional (hypo-functioning) thyroid tissue produces a “cold” scan. A “warm” scan is somewhere in-between.

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Overview of the Different Types of Thyroid Medications
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 19:48

There are many different thyroid hormone medications on the market and a lot of controversy and confusion between them.  This article will outline a general overview of the various types and functions of each and how these medications are manufactured.  However, first it is important to know a little background information about the function of the thyroid and the hormones it produces for the body.  This will help in understanding the differences between the medications available.

Papillary Thyroid Cancer Survival Predictor
Thursday, 11 June 2009 17:29

 Papillary Thyroid Cancer Survivor Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to determine your 20 year survival rate base off your individual cancer circumstances. This calculator was design for papillary thyroid cancer. This data comes from a study of 2284 patients with papillary carcinoma from 1940-1997.


Calculate your numbers below 

Enter the values requested 

Push "Calculate Score"




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